Julia Ward Howe: Articles of Interest
 Articles of Interest About Julia Ward Howe
about.com: Julia Ward Howe
One of the best JWH resources on the web! This site provides a comprehensive biography of Julia Ward Howe as well as links to other sites.

Newport Notables
Redwood Library, Newport Rhode Island

Women of the Hall
Biography with bibliographic notes.

Unitarian Universalists
A sermon about Julia Ward Howe

Short bio of JWH.

Places Where Women Made History
The Howe home at 13 Chestnut Street in Boston.

Links to the about.com sight for Julia Ward Howe.

Julia Ward Howe: Foremother of Ethical Culture
By Jone Johnson. From a sermon given on May 10, 1998.

Spartacus UK: Bio and links for Julia Ward Howe
With the complete text of the Battle Hymn of the Republic

Excellent resource for all things Julia Ward Howe.

Voice of America Broadcast Julia Ward Howe
Transcript of a radio broadcast about Julia Ward Howe. Byline: Shelley Gollust

Harriet Townsend on Julia Ward Howe
From the about.com website on Julia Ward Howe.

Women In American History by Encyclopedia Britannica
Encyclopedia entry for Julia Ward Howe

A Short Bio of Julia Ward Howe
Biography by essortment

Julia Ward Howe biography and links.

Biographical entry for Julia Ward Howe in " The Cambridge History of English and American Literature in 18 Volumes " (1907 - 1921). Volume XVII. Later National Literature, Part II. XIII. Later Essayists. 12. Julia Ward Howe.

Notes on the life and work of Julia Ward Howe.

Info Please
PopUps! Good bio and excellent links for Julia Ward Howe

Fact Monster
Fun Few Facts about Julia Ward Howe. Lots of Pop-ups!

Civil War Talk
Really excellent biography of Julia ward Howe.

Civil War at Smithsonian
Painting of Julia Ward Howe at the National Portrait Gallery
in Washington DC. It was painted by William H. Cotton and John Elliot. Brief bio.

Wiki Wiki Julia Ward Howe
wikipedia: Open text biography and links.