The Julia Ward Howe Electronic Archives is the most comprehensive virtual collection of Julia Ward Howe's letters, journals, poetry and other writings in existence today. The goal of the Archives is to digitize and transcribe all of Howe's existing writings and create a well organized and searchable database for scholars and students of Julia Ward Howe.

Julia's Journals: The Yellow House Papers

The Journals of Julia Ward Howe start in 1863 and continue through 1910. The actual journals are located at the Houghton Library in Cambridge Mass and they comprise over 60 volumes. The transcriptions offered here are taken from a typed manuscript of the journals, prepared for Laura Richards and currently held by the Maine Historical Society. Please contact them for copywrite permissions. <<SEARCH>>

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Julia's Letters: Selected Correspondence

The letters of Julia Ward Howe are to be found many places but the bulk of her correspondence is at Houghton Library in Cambridge. The letters here have been transcribed from actual letters, quoted from texts, or taken from the transcriptions of Julia's journals. Please refer the individual letter to ascertain copywrite and bibliographical information. <<COMING SOON >>

Julia's Poetry: Passion-Flowers

The full text of Julia Ward Howe's first book of poetry, published anonymously in 1853. It received critical attention especially for the intimate and defiant nature of many of the poems. Her husband, Samuel Gridley Howe was against her publishing her work but she did so without telling . <<SEARCH>>