Julia Ward Howe: Homes and Haunts


The Homes and Haunts of Life of Julia Ward Howe
#1 Marketfield Street - "Here four children were born, Samuel and Henry and the two Julias.    
# 5 Bowling Green - "Here were born three more children: Francis Marion, Louisa Cutler, and Ann Eliza.    
#16 Bond Street    

"The Corner" Broadway and Bond 1835-1839
"The mansion of Samuel Ward II was known in the Ward family as "The Corner." In the directories of the period it is always given as "Bond c. Broadway" and though the entrance was in Bond Street it was, strictly speaking, a Broadway and not a Bond Street House. Adjoining it on the north was the "windowless house," which in the sixties excited so much curiosity among persons who were ignorant of its history. It was a picture gallery of Samuel Ward, built to shelter his art collection, the first private building erected for such a purpose in America." (Source: Valentine's Manuel of Old New York)
13 Chestnut Street ???- 1865    
Perkins Institute for the Blind 1844    
241 Beacon Street    
Lawton's Valley 1853?    
Oak Glen    
19 Boyleston St 1865 -    
European Honeymoon 1843 - 1844    
Roman Holiday Spring 1850 - Summer 1851    
74 (32?) Mount Vernon Street - Winter 1847-1848 & Winter 1849-1850    
Green Peace 1845 & 1853